Friday, August 19, 2011

giving Mr. Obama his daily national security briefing on deck chairs

...shifting 'em. NY Times reporting.

And on and on:
“The president understands that he has important responsibilities to fill,” the deputy White House press secretary, Joshua Earnest, said to reporters on the way to Martha’s Vineyard. “And it’s his job to fill those responsibilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.”
The trouble for this White House — from a public relations point of view, if not a quality-of-life point of view — is that this is such a delightful place to do the hard work of governing.
The administration flew about 150 people to Martha’s Vineyard:
The importance of being soooo Earnest, with a president like this.

...the Times is grateful it didn't have to endure high heat in TX in trailers near Crawford. ( I confess, I always was delighted by the thought of them there:) Well, you coulda bunked in with Cindy.

P.S. Date night for Barack and Michelle. Will she order lobster, or the artful arctic char.
Mark Knoller
Pres Obama looks concerned, not like he's on vacation, as he gets national security briefing today. WH posts photo.
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