Thursday, September 08, 2011

Do you see how the Chicago Way works? Mad.As.Hell

My friend John Powers, the Chicago Daily Observer. This is why we can't go along to get along. Santelli's right in this and most else, he knows Chicago well. Read it all, but this is key:
...but isn’t it just possible that “Chicago Way” politics could affect business? Could an erratic and vindictive government be what stymies business making corporations afraid to invest in profitable expansion, because Washington and Springfield will just hammer them regardless of the common sense of the investment?
Say it’s 2004 and you ran Naperville’s Edwards Hospital and wanted to open up a branch in Plainfield. You get approached by Obama-Blagojevich-crony-leading fundraiser, Tony Rezko, asking you to pay a friendly contractor an inflated rate to build your facility. You refuse, and go to the FBI, resulting in a series of convictions and the impeachment of the sitting Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Fast forward seven years, and the CFO of Tony Rezko’s enterprises is now the Chief of Staff to Pat Quinn (who was the running mate of the convicted Governor Blagojevich). Based on an unmeasureable and unpublished regulation regarding charitable care, Edwards Hospital lost it’s non-profit status on August 16, 2011, seven years after blowing the whistle on the “strictly voluntary” payments to a set of political cronies….the same cronies who are still running the State of Illinois.
This is why we need to defeat Barack Obama, before the rest of the country gets shaken down and taken down.

Before we lose our country.

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