Friday, September 09, 2011

Our post-president country

El-Erian: Obama Speech Was 'Powerful' A Sputnik moment? wow

Marc Faber: No, Obama Speech Was a 'Joke' Not even funny 

Michael Barone painstakingly takes it apart so we don't have to. God Bless you Michael.

My two tweets:
OMG our schools are falling apart and our children will fall down the hole to china
13 hours ago
And later:
OMG our kids are going to be exposed to mercury and fall down the hole to China
13 hours ago

I see Yuval Levin felt the same way.

We are beyond tired of this guy. Sadly, he's useless but he's standing in the way. 

...He's standing in the wreckage of the country he's tried to destroy. Hang on America. 


Quite Rightly said...

Thanks for the work-around to watching 0's podium display. I watched an old Masterpiece Theatre with a less obvious plot!

And thank you for the link under Backyard Picks. Does Chicago politics really have anything on NYC politics?

Anne said...

These old failed Dem cities think they are models to us. And their leaders preach.


Your piece on Ground Zero is heartbreaking and maddening.

Take care this weekend.