Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gunwalker in the Heartland?

Documents revealing operations in Indiana raise serious questions.

It started in the Southwest, then we learned about Florida, now Indiana:
Some of these straw buyers had felony convictions that should have stopped the gun sales, but the FBI overrode the system so the purchases could go forward. 
The ATF eventually started hassling the gun dealer in question, due to “an unusually high number of traces of new crime guns with a relatively short time-to-crime.” [snip]

This all suggests that a number of the Indiana gun-walking weapons might have found their way into mischief, and the ATF is experiencing the same kind of institutional panic that struck after Agent Terry died.  As the Gun Walker bloodhounds at Sipsey Street Irregulars note, “the principal markets for straw-purchased weapons in Indiana is Chicago.”  Uh-oh. 
Next up, grenades on the streets? I searched for Chicago Tribune coverage, none on Indiana, but this:
Drug gangs frequently use grenades and automatic weapons in an escalating battle between rival gangs and against law.
So far they're just talking Mexico on that, but given these documents how long will it be.

And where will this investigation lead. Will we see more of this? Harvard-trained lawyers defending alleged arms traffickers

At the highest levels...of our government?

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