Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Harvard-trained lawyers defending alleged arms traffickers

Isn't this pretty. Nice to know the Ivy League is knocking itself out:
Sadly, investigative reporters and bloggers aren’t the only people interested in using Gunwalker data. Neil Munro of the Daily Caller reveals that criminal defense attorneys are seeking discovery to determine if they can use Gunwalker to the advantage of their clients:
“As the lawyer for Jose Sauceda–Cuevas, I’ve got to look at every possibility,” including agency misconduct, that would help him in the courtroom, said David Dudley, a Harvard-trained criminal defense lawyer based in Los Angeles.
The U.S. Attorney for the Arizona district is charging Dudley’s client with 25 counts related to gun trafficking. The charges include 10 false statements made during gun purchases, five identity theft charges, five counts for felony possession of a gun, and “five counts of Illegal Alien in Possession of a Firearm,” according to a May 19 press statement.

“The defendant orchestrated straw purchases of over 110 assault rifles and pistols in a multi–state enterprise to provide weapons for the drug war” in Mexico, the statement said.
Well, how nice these guys can afford to pay. And they probably got a real deal from the Feds selling them the guns at our expense. And another one from the Feds undermining their own prosecution.

Eric Holder needs to go.

P.S. Will our president Barack Obama demonize Big Trial Lawyers in his next speech? Nah, they're Big Contributors.

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