Friday, September 16, 2011

Izzy, Bitsie & their progeny disillusioned

Alas, the Ozzie & Harriet of the Left are utterly in disarray:
Nope, nothing like what is being seen discovered on the left. But man, you know, a white women dating a black guy is so ….
1950′s stupid crap. Folks, the left is not only stuck on stupid, they are stuck in the last century mentally and emotionally. They are still chasing long dead racists, still fighting long gone labor issues, still looking for long won sexual equality (and I means between the sexes, and not between sex acts). They are devoid of experience, insight and even the simple ability to keep up with current times.
The left is completely collapsing before our eyes – and boy are they going down UUUUGLEEE.
Worse, they are forced to confront the wreckage of their own stupid ideas. Well, some are being honest, others just blame the JEWS for being too RICH. From Beverly Hills. Rank stereotypic, blame the Judeo-Christian West first anti-Semitism.

Now they're losing the youth vote.

Yes, it's all beyond parody.

Itsy bitsy teenie weenie president.

More. VodkaPundit: Teh Won couldn’t beat the RNC during his own birth month

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