Monday, September 12, 2011

Making a grown man blush

Our former congressman, New Trier, Navy, SecDef Donald Rumsfeld to Fareed Zakaria on the air yesterday:Rumsfeld Ribs Zakaria: 'There Are People Who Think We're Living in the Post-American World'

Ah yes, Zakaria has "grown", immersed in leftist media now for some years.

The most sacred charge of our government is to protect and defend this United States of America.

We can't afford another holiday from history.

On 9/11 Rumsfeld ran toward the carnage. Evil is real and so is courage.

America is one of the few good grown-ups in the world. We fight for freedom.

--thanks for the recommended read link, Pundit & Pundette , who is setting the record straight on another key issue.


MathMom said...

Bret Baier had a panel including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld yesterday, and it was simply wonderful to see so much intellect and so little magical thinking on display. Would that our boy president had such advisers. Perhaps he'd even grow up, or become American in his heart.

Anne said...


Is he proud of his country yet. Does he care.

And will he drive us to betray our friends, and let down our defenses

Anonymous said...

MM, you wished the current resident had such men as advisers. I think such men as Cheney and Rumsfeld wouldn't go near the WH Clown Car.

As for his "growing up" or "becoming American," I don't think there's much chance of that, either. As a doctrinaire Marxist, he won't be changing much.

Anne said...

Well, yeah, but we can only hope:)

He has kept some of the Bush anti-terror architecture in place, under duress I think.

MathMom said...

mukluk - I wish for him to become American because anything is possible - Nikita Krushchev's grandson is a naturalized American, after all...


MathMom said...

BTW, great visual with the comment about the Clown Car.