Monday, September 12, 2011

Surprise, surprise IL Internet Tax a Bust

After bludgeoning us with taxes to pay for bloated public employee payrolls, driving small businesses out of state, depriving Amazon associates of their often meager but appreciated revenue, the state of Illinois--anything to say Dem Gov. Quinn--admits revenues are not up to expectations:State Can’t Collect Web Purchase Taxes To Fill Budget Gap:
Crain’s Chicago Business reports taxpayers have only anted up $10.2 million so far, after a reminder was placed on income tax forms asking those who had made Internet or out-of-state purchases to pay up.
But only 4.6 percent of taxpayers complied with the voluntary request, Crain’s reported.
...And our IL Dem Sen. Dick Durbin wants this to go national.

This is a very bad idea made worse. Forbes: How Amazon's California Tax Romp Will Impact Us All ...It looks like Amazon is trying to make the best of a bad deal but this doesn't have to be inevitable, if we make it an issue for us the next election.

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