Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Primary Care Shifts to Nurse Practitioners

RomneyCare, the precursor to ObamaCare:
Instead of following, say, 2000 patients, a primary care MD will now be responsible for 8000 patients and supervise three to four NPs who will be the first responders available in emergencies.  This process is taking place in academic centers as I write, and community care centers will follow suit.  The vast majority of patients in Massachusetts have no idea that this shift is taking place and may not be amused as it happens to them, courtesy of Mitt and his mandate.”
Is this medical advancement? Isn't this more government by diktat?

We don't need no more stinkin' waivers, we need repeal.

...When I was a kid doctors made house calls. I don't imagine we'll see that again, but to think you might not even be able to see a doctor is disturbing.

P.S. The AMA supported ObamaCare. 70 percent of physicians report that they do not agree with theAMA's position on the health law.

The moral of the story, (Governors and)  Congress should not rush to pass dumb legislation.

Even if you believe you can command the oceans at some point in your life. 

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