Thursday, September 08, 2011

Reagan and the Star Wars Bar

Bizarroworld to have the MSNBC and Politico hack crew "moderate" the debate at the Reagan library. Newt called them on their Obamabot snarky gotcha, and rightly so. The candidates did fine in spite of it, with Perry the Pinata emerging as a solid candidate, someone we'd feel comfortable having our back.

The Texas jobs record is unassailable, though, as Romney pointed out some of it is due to Texas free market friendliness. Yeah howdy:)  Applause for the Perry death penalty answer was for his not accepting the can't sleep at night PC premise, and pointing out you can't be convicted of it without being convicted of committing another crime. Americans understand justice. Do leftists lose sleep at night over the millions of innocents murdered in the womb or butchered at our expense at abortion mills? Does this administration lose sleep over the Fast and Furious weapons put in druglords' hands, heading toward our cities, large and small? We won't hold our breath for the PC media to ask that of The One.

Post-debate the entire MSNBC Star Wars bar crew gathered to gnash their teeth, with a lone Herman Cain taking them on. A fine moment.

Republicans are the grown ups the country hankers for.

The Gipper was with us in spirit--he paid for that microphone:) Despite the PC media. P.S. I'm still anticipating a bigger force field:)

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