Monday, September 12, 2011

Repeal Davis Bacon

Reason. And more Reason.

I am sick of high-priced union thuggery. Don't whine, Chamber. Chicago Daily Observer: Encouraging News: Tea Party is Against Republican Insider Trading

...why should our kids and grandkids pay for your endless pigginess. Maddening
Do we really need to fund more public employees? That's not real job creation: Obama’s Stimulus II–What’s the Point?
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P.S. More typical status quo, insider protection by Chicago Dems:
To protect Democratic incumbents, the Chicago districts spiral out deep into the suburbs. Hispanic residents got screwed over in the process.
And can we get our $535 million back on Solyndra? Greasy-faced Obama administration and buddies.

What about something that actually WORKS-- drill baby drill:
There are also some 960 American companies involved in Alberta energy, supplying equipment and technology, among other things. As an example, Mr. Liepert says, "dozens of Caterpillar tractors, made in Illinois and Michigan and costing $5 million a piece" work the oil sands. He says the region is on track to create more than 400,000 direct American jobs by 2035. The Bakken region of North Dakota, where private land ownership gives drillers relief from federal obstructionism, shares a similar, if smaller, story. Oil production there is booming, and North Dakota unemployment is 3.3%.

TransCanada's Keystone XL pipeline, if the U.S. ever issues the permit, will mean $20 billion in investment. The company says the construction phase will require 13,000 direct hires and indirect new jobs could total 118,000 in the U.S.
But Keystone XL is only a fraction of the potential that could be released if Mr. Obama changed his energy policy.

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