Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Texas hold 'em

Well, I'm not a poker player I'm more of a Texas two-stepper but I'd say Gov. Perry more than held his own vs. Romney on Social Security and handily won on jobs again.

Bachmann punched Perry on Gardasil for young girls, deservedly so as it was by executive fiat, though with a parental opt out. (I tend to think she went too far too, though.) The legislature later overrode him so it's not law now. More worrying was the whiff of crony capitalism with his former top aide buddy buddy with a drug company.

The other candidates had some spirited moments, with Newt suggesting the president was scary every day, Dr. Ron Paul with a great health care moment, but called out by Santorum for his bizarro foreign policy, and Herman Cain solid on zinging D.C. Immigration is a touchy issue, with Perry arguing for personnel to police the border, not a fence, makes sense with that big river, but the TX version of the Dream Act is troubling--needs more explanation.

Somewhere I saw a lone tweet from Howard Fineman wanting to question Perry's cotton subsidies on his Paint Creek Ranch way back. Let 'er rip. And we'll look forward to the same no holds barred approach from the PC media in the general, yessirree.


Adrienne said...

Bachmann would have done herself more good if she had graciously accepted Perry's apology for the manner in which he went about the Gardasil thing, and conceded that his concern may have really been the cancer issue.

And Santorum picking over the "opt-in" vs "opt-out" was silly. I highly doubt the opt-out was hidden from parents.

Anne said...


I mean, we don't want to go over to the other hippie crunchy side and encourage parents not to get their kids vaccinated--which is why we have a rise in whooping cough and measles.

MathMom said...

I agree with Adrienne that Bachmann went too far. If Perry had said that his executive order was the right way to go, even after being overruled by the legislature, she would have had a point.

But crikey! The man admitted his error! I love Bachmann, but she lost some points with me on that score. Here in Texas, we were royally p!$$ed when Perry did the Gardasil decree, but he got the rolled-up newspaper over the nose and learned something from it.

Right now, I'm still hoping Palin jumps in, but if she doesn't, Perry is my man. I have donated to Bachmann, and assumed I'd be voting for her, but for some reason I'm not going with her. If she wins the nomination, I'm all in, though.

Every time Huntsman speaks it is as if he comes down from Olympus and speaks not to the question, but to the meta-question, to the foibles of the mere mortals on stage with him, then, seeing clearly, sets all things straight. I'm not buying it. Ewwww.

Anne said...

Yeah, I am in sync with you.

I hope Huntsman gets tossed off the stage before the next debate.