Saturday, September 03, 2011

We need Palin in the race

She has proven herself to be something of a scoop artist. She showed this by being the first Republican to make a high-profile critique of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing, which put her out front on the issue of the dollar, though even earlier she had marked the collapsing value of the dollar as one of her issues. The dollar theme is related to her signature issue of energy. And, because sound money is so important to job creation, the dollar relates to another of our favorite issues — labor. Mrs. Palin and her husband have both carried union cards, and Mrs. Palin has been all alone among the GOP in reaching out to what she calls her union brothers and sisters.
NY Sun, via Iowans4Palin She'll be speaking today this Labor Day weekend in Iowa. [C-span live] Then New Hampshire.

A uniter, not a divider

A job creator, not a crony capitalist:
Anne Leary
Very important given O's Solyndra scandal:RealClearPolitics:Palin to Rip "Crony Capitalism" in Potential Perry Contrast 17 hours ago
Capable, principled, with the energy of an executive

Honest as the day is long.

P.S. The Undefeated. On demand:) 

And more. Trib on the scene last night:
Many in the crowd had arrived by bus from Texas, which seems to be a particular stronghold of Palin supporters, despite the fact that the state’s governor, Rick Perry, is the presumptive leader in the race for the 2012 Republican nomination.

“Perry represents crony capitalism,” said Mai Duong, a naturalized citizen from Vietnam who is an accountant in Houston. Duong, who emigrated in 1994 and became a U.S. citizen 10 years later, said she was never political before the 2008 presidential campaign.

She was so dismayed by the way Palin was treated as Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential nominee, she said,  that she was moved to become involved. “A current governor shouldn’t be labeled as ‘bimbo’ or ‘stupid,’” said Duong. “I think the media did her wrong. I was shocked at the amount of negative reporting.”

Coming from a communist country where there was no freedom of the press, Duong said, she felt the coverage of Palin in 2008 was “not reflective of a democratic society.”
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Rose said...

I agree. People ARE waiting. Even those polled who say they're not.

Anne said...

Thanks Rose. Good to hear from you--I respect your opinion so glad you confirm what I've been thinking.

She has so much energy, courage and the VISION thing, as Bush 41 would say