Sunday, August 21, 2011

Strange New Respect

If nothing else this exposes the leftie media for the total myopic partisans they are. Via Lucianne, Toby Harnden:
In the past few days, Karl Rove, President George W. Bush’s long-time consigliere and an erstwhile hate figure on the Left, has been welcomed back into polite society. Democrats who previously thought the only place Rove should be was in jail have been murmuring approvingly about his wisdom and moderation. At the same time, Left-wingers whose only debate about Bush over the past decade has been whether he was stupid, evil or a lethal combination of both, are suddenly citing the former president’s “compassionate conservatism”. The Huffington Post’s Howard Finemann noted that he was better read and more thoughtful than previously given credit for and now seemed “like Pericles”.
(Oh yeah, a Martha's Vineyard beach reading list president is what we need now) It's how they initially welcomed Michelle Bachmann, as a means to beat Sarah Palin, until they realized she was a viable threat to their parochial, dysfunctional world view too.

Who will be the beneficiary of their strange new respect next? 

My bet is Mitt, oops already there.

My caveat on Perry--welcome to the race though--is he has crony capitalist tendencies. But then, so does our President Barack Obama--actually, in Obama's case verging on banana republic, it's Chicago Way shakedown, big gov bigtime.

...that's why my enduring respect goes elsewhere.

Update: See the comments--I don't mean to give Gov. Perry short shrift.


MathMom said...

If Palin doesn't run, my vote will be for Perry, unless he does something so dumb that I can't do it. But he's my Governor, so I know him a bit better than those outside Texas.

I was privileged to shake his hand when he attended an event at King Street Patriots in Houston. It was short time after Barky came to El Paso to make fun of our desire for border security. Well, Barky asked Perry to come to that speech, and Perry asked Barky to tour the wildfires, which of course were not of interest to Barky, since the wildfires are only burning down Texas. So, Rick Perry refused to meet with him. Had he done Barky's bidding, he would have been there in the audience, so that Barky could mock him to his face ("Maybe they'll need a moat," he said derisively to laughter from the crowd. "Maybe they'll want alligators in the moat."), like he did Paul Ryan, in a venue where Perry could not respond.

I thanked Gov. Perry for refusing to meet with Barky, and told him it meant a lot to me personally. He shook my hand and pulled me into my first Gubernatorial Hug. I think it meant something to him that I had noticed.

It is my opinion that whatever Gov. Perry's shortcomings, his record, viewpoint and experience are simply the top of the heap right now. Obama will look even more like a metrosexual cipher when standing next to Gov. Rick Perry in a debate.

Anne said...

Well argued, well said.

Gov. Perry is a man, Barky is a boy.

MathMom said...

Gov. Perry is a man, Barky is a boy.

Yeah, Howdy!

I also like the fact that he's an Eagle Scout. Though there are some who have gone astray, it usually says volumes about a man's character when he has attained Eagle rank. It is not lightly given, either. I am the mother of a Special Needs Eagle Scout, and getting the paperwork sorted out, and proving that my son was worthy, was more arduous than applying for US Citizenship, IMHO.

It would have done Barky worlds of good if someone had loved him enough to take him to Boy Scouts. He might have made something of himself.

Anne said...

I am with Perry on the Scouts. I don't think children should be put at risk sexually.

I also applaud him for loser pays tort reform

His jobs record is tremendous, absorbing immigrants from around the country and elsewhere--thankfully it's a right to work state with no income tax.

And I am thankful he is unapologetic on the 2nd amendment. Our crime rate in Chicago would be lower if we were allowed concealed carry like 49 other states.

Anne said...

Am totally with you on the Scouts.

My son and daughters were scouts and I did a lot with the groups--I know they still cherish the self-reliance and the memories (with or without me)

I'm probably a Perry supporter too if Sarah doesn't get in. But I think she will.

I just want to knock out Romney, because I don't trust him to do what needs to be done for this country. Better to have conservative candidates that energize our base and take the Senate than have a spineless technocrat in there.

MathMom said...

I agree with you about Romney. But if he's the nominee, I'll campaign for and vote for him.

Come on, Sarah!

Quite Rightly said...

My enduring respect there too. I'd been following Palin's negotiations with Big Oil before McCain chose her for the VP candidacy, and she gained my respect then.

Thanks to MathMom for the reminder about Perry not meeting with Barky (heh). That action on his part does cover quite a few of my long-distance reservations about the man.

Anne said...

Amen to all that