Thursday, October 27, 2011

Perry on the Air in Iowa

And what's not to like about a flat tax on a postcard Details here. Iowa here:)


MathMom said...

I really hope Gov. Perry can start showing better in debates and interviews. He keeps picking at Romney and looks petty (to me, anyway, and I am a Perry supporter!). He also called Mitt a "fat cat", which made me want to give him a bar of soap for his mouth.

He should have said that Mitt has done well for himself and others by benefiting from a society that rewarded risk and entrepreneurship, but that Obama is killing the opportunity that served Mitt so well. He should state that with the hostile regulatory environment created by Obama, even Mitt would have trouble replicating his prior success, and that Perry will restore the open market so everyone has a chance to prosper in America.

He's got to stop going for the chum the MSM throws in the water, and he's got to start talking about his plan, not digging into Mitt. IMHO.

WV: irapti. I rapt 'im on the knuckles for going after the chum.

Anne said...

Good points.

I like his tax plan better than Herman Cain's. This is his opening to shine.