Monday, October 24, 2011

To a new counterculture majority:) Bust Barack

The impetus for this PJM piece is the O administration's war on medical marijuana, but ranges quite a bit further. I have to say this makes me even more angry, given the apparently deliberate administration policy of running guns across the border to Mexico to undermine gun rights at home. Obama and his minions treat most Americans as the enemy, and the numbers are getting larger every day--more inclusive and diverse you might say.

The OWS crowd, most of whom are employed, according to Dem Doug's Schoen's poll the other day, are a motley crew but one thing we know--they feel entitled. And why wouldn't they? They've been raised in a permissive cultural soup that promised them something for nothing (a useless college degree)--but they're inheriting a system that's gone bust and the buck stops with them (they or their parents have paid through the nose for the useless college degree). Well, some of them--some will never get it, they'll be takers:
I lived and worked with the “working poor” for three years after I graduated from college. They had cell phones, Xboxes, and Facebook accounts. “The Poor” do not resemble characters from a cartoon version of A Christmas Carol. They weren’t starving; they were usually struggling with obesity. America’s poor live better than the well-off of a few generations ago. The wealthiest family in America became rich by providing inexpensive products to poor people — and for that sin Wal-Mart became the newest Bourgeoisie. Most of the richest people throughout history made their millions by figuring out how to create a product cheap enough so that “poor” people could afford it.

Social mobility is a fact. Most people who were living in this country in poverty 20 years ago are not still at the same level today. People are usually poor because they do not have any skills that they can effectively translate into value. Most people develop greater skills as they get older and have more life experience.Similarly, “rich people” make bad decisions, self-destruct, do not continue to update their skills to remain competitive, and can thus end up poor. But Marxists do not understand that wealth is created — and as more is created the quality of life of everyone rises naturally. To even acknowledge that is to cause the whole house of cards to collapse. And then it’s even more apparent: it’s all made up of individual cards. There is no conspiracy of “the rich” to “exploit” “the poor.” In a free market economy the destinies of all are interlinked and in perpetual flux.
Counterculture is conservative:) --a considered, treasured freedom through the ages. America is the freedom frontier, go for the best--that's why we came here:) Let's roll. Bust Barack.

P.S. Fed up at Occu-pie:) 
....Photo essay, Occupy Chicago.
...In wake of the breaking Fast and Furious O admin scandal, Pima County, AZ sheriff considering run for new open congressional seat. Former private school headmaster in MA, Army National Guard, tour of Iraq, first R elected sheriff

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