Sunday, November 20, 2011

Looking for a new Newt?

I wish we had Sarah but I know I don't want Romney. No trust there at all. And remember, as far as electability goes, so far Romney's gotten a pass, though Rahmbo (ha) went after him last night.

Perry had a good debate last round on foreign policy, of all issues, but can the top job-creating governor make a comeback?

Cain I defend on these spurious, anonymous, dated, single source Chicago Way-based National Restaurant Association complaints but he's been too flippant on foreign policy and, sadly, not serious enough it seems to me.

So is Newt, a product of the vibrant Atlanta corridor, the minority leader in Congress who brought the GOP our first majority in years in '94, the answer?

I don't know, the Freddie Mac take bothers me, clearly it's lobbying by any other name, but also illustrates that government is too big. Fannie/Freddie need to die, as quasi government institutions they are an abuse in itself, but many companies, and individuals with special interests pay lobbyists to give them a collective voice and protect themselves from Big Gov. Too often they become vested interests and are part of the problem.

Is Newt now more disciplined, has he learned from his mistakes, will he be Uncle Newt, senior statesman?

Debate Tuesday.


MathMom said...

I have just finished watching the entire forum. What a great way to spend two hours!

I'm far more inclined to vote for ANY of these fine people, but Newt is rising in my opinion. I was glad that the moderator rapped them across the knuckles for going at each other in the previous debates, and asked them to stop that. I hope they listen to him.

I still wish Perry could articulate in real time his reasons for running. His ads are all good. But Newt will squash Obama like a bug in a debate, and will not get tongue-tied when taking it to him. I have no doubt about that. We need a real fighter, not a squish like Romney. I think Romney would do well at Treasury, to mop up after Tiny Timmy The Tax Cheat.

I'll vote for Newt if he is the nominee, and I might vote for him in the primary, if Perry hasn't sharpened his game by then. Of course, I win both ways, because if Perry can't cut bait in the primaries, I still get him as my Governor.

SpearWolf said...

Let's face it, all of the candidates are flawed, but none are so deeply flawed as Mr. Obama. Perry, Romney, or Gingrich would all be outstanding presidents compared to what we have now. I, too, would LOVE to watch an Obama-Gingrich debate, just to see Newt reduce the Obumbler to stuttering incoherence.