Wednesday, November 09, 2011

On the trail to Tampa

Tony Blankley poses a tantalizing scenario that the race may stay wide open until the convention, given the rise of the Tea Party, new media and the shifty Mittwit. The clincher may be the new rules:
Fifth, consider also that the GOP changed its winner take all rules. Now, any state that holds a primary or caucus before April 1 must award their delegates on a proportional basis, rather than the winner-take-all method. This means that a front runner with, say, a 38 percent plurality in a six-way split field will get only 38 percent of the delegates instead of 100 percent. This will keep second tier candidates in the hunt and deny the front-runner the steamroller effect that usually delivers a de facto winner in the GOP by February.
Plus, after the first ballot all bets are off and it's draft your favorite candidate time.

Debate tonight.

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