Monday, November 07, 2011

Why didn't she ask for a meeting at the office

Sharon from Chicago. It's not sexual harassment since she wasn't working at the time. Assuming it's true.

Geraghty following up:
I’ve put in a call to the Washington Hilton; one aspect of Bialek’s story should be fairly easy to verify, presuming the Hilton Corporation holds records from 1997: did Herman Cain rent a suite at the Capital Hilton in Washington D.C.?
...She didn't take any questions, and the Cain campaign denies it. ...I have to say, the thing that makes me the most suspicious is that she's a "registered Republican". In Illinois, even if you did have to register as a Republican, which you don't, it doesn't mean anything in this state. Maybe she lives somewhere else. I am only sort of joking.

More. Other legal filings by Bialek, who indeed lives in Illinois.

...and apparently she's not working now.

More. Bialek went to TeaCon, confirmed. How interesting. Cain won the TeaCon straw poll. I wonder why she went--to hear Herman Cain speak?

More. Cain blasts media.

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