Monday, November 07, 2011

Is Michelle O sexually harassing us?

Michelle Obama boogies on 'iCarly':
Surprised with a segment called “Random Dancing,” Obama boogies to the sounds of Maroon 5’s “Can’t Stop” with the show’s stars Miranda Cosgrove and Jennette McCurdy.

Perez’s take on it: “Holy shiz! Michelle Obama really knows how to SHAKE IT!”
Politico's latest serious offering. Gloria Allred scents $$$. Then there's this from the Daily Beast:
No other candidate on the Republican docket has demonstrated the kind of affection Cain has shown for the double-breasted suit—this menswear silhouette with its wide, peak lapels. He has favored six-on-two button suits in solid charcoal as well as those with subtle chalk stripes. To be sure, Cain’s suits are well cut and he has the stature to carry them. Still, they have always been a curious choice and they have now become ill-advised. He would do well to expunge every double-breasted suit from his wardrobe.
It's apparently too sexual:
But now, when it’s alleged that Cain wielded his executive power in a sexual and inappropriate way, that in-your-face, sartorial swagger reads in damning ways.
Damned by wearing a suit. Well, hell.

Hey Michelle-- you are making me want to dance randomly. If only in protest. Am I damned yet.

...I call sadistic theater. Distracting us from O's unraveling disaster.

P.S. Caitlin Huey-Burns / Real Clear Politics: Cain Holds Big Lead Over GOP Rivals in Iowa

P.P.S. The left fosters this environment:
Excusing sexual harassment leftist soup: More culture notes: "It's almost a normal part of the school day" via
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