Thursday, December 08, 2011

Holder Smirks, Invokes McCarthyism

Fast and Furious Lying Eric Holder was at it again, parsing words and smirking at serious questions--people have died. Behold the chief law enforcement officer of the Obama administration. And this:
Fast and Furious hearing 12/8/11 from Water Cooler on Vimeo.
More here.
If the Obama administration did arrange for the shipment of arms to Mexican drug gangs, not for any legitimate public purpose but in order to advance a left-wing political agenda, and those guns were used to murder hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American border agent–which they were–then we are looking at a scandal that dwarfs any in modern American history.
One more. Wow:


MathMom said...

Geez, Eric Holder is such a weasel. Don't you want to hit him over the nose with a rolled-up newspaper?

Anne said...


Or an open-handed slap

SpearWolf said...

I dunno.....I'd kinda favor a baseball bat

Anne said...

He's such an arrogant ass