Friday, December 09, 2011

Obama: More jobs in jobless benefits than Keystone

Seriously. He thinks he can get away with brainless statements like this, (RCP video) but then he has the WH press corpse to cluelessly cover for him. Oh, noooo, we may not get to go to Hawaii...

Even his usual union allies know the real score.
Brent Booker head of the construction arm of Laborers International Union of North America said that because of the jobs it would bring “this project is not just a pipeline, it is in fact a lifeline,” for his members.
Construction industry unemployment reached 27% in 2010 and hovered around 20% for much of last two years, he said. The pipeline would create 20,000 jobs, Pourbaix and union members said.
“They would have started a couple months from now” without the delay, Pourbaix said. “Americans were hired and ready to go to work.”
All you have to do is look at the success that is North Dakota, but not Barack Obama, no, no, no. Meanwhile, food stamp recipients multiply--by the O definition, more jobs!!! For bureaucrats, I guess. Charles Krauthammer:
"Obama lamented that millions “are now forced to take their children to food banks.” You have to admire the audacity. That’s the kind of damning observation theopposition brings up when you’ve been in office three years. Yet Obama summoned it to make the case for his reelection! ... This is populism so crude that it channels not Teddy Roosevelt so much as Hugo Chavez
Yes, the real answer is to pay more and more people not to work--that's the Obama plan for our future, and that of our children.

Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus and his name is The One.

P.S. President Obama lights all the Hanukkah candles at once, two weeks early. No doubt to make way for his 17 day Hawaii vacay: Obama: 'We Never Need an Excuse For a Good Party'

More. Michael Ramirez cartoon, IBD editorial. And Rich Lowry: Obama Blames the Rich He does not understand economic mobility.

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