Thursday, December 01, 2011

O for totalitarianism and anarchy

That's his core. And he's the totalitarian wannabe.

Newt gets it. On Hannity last night he said on Day One he'll get rid of the Obama Czars--40% of the administration. And this, just at the end:)
Lol. Newt: O should complain Green Bay not sharing their victories
10 hours ago

Woot! Newt wants to know what O actually taught in his U of C Constitution classes. Alinsky? I love this. Hahaha
10 hours ago
love the idea to explore what O taught in his U of C classes. And did Bill Ayers ever guest lecture? :)
10 hours ago
We need the courage to fight, for constitutional conservatism, for the America we know and love.P.S. Romney pursuing Rose Garden strategy.

More. Via Lucianne: A strangely desperate new Obama campaign speech: Urgent, dramatic, about him --Andrew Malcolm, IBD He wants to "finish" what he started?  Finish off the country.

More.  Dreams From My President We're just cogs in his collectivist machine. Units. Yup...the profoundly un-American, Alinsky-like fomenting class-warfare anarchy is just a means to an end.

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