Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Barack Obama, Man of Mystery

No more? There's Ayers tossing off explosive asides, Project Vote/ACORN getting blatant as can be, O himself is on tape bragging on the Rev. Wright, and the president's long festering...

 who is our president.
And the Midwest Academy folks, maybe they’re kicking themselves right now – I hope they are – for putting their files on record. And when I finally dug up these files, I truly was amazed because what we really had here was a living, breathing, Socialist front group as if it had been taken from the 1930s and transported into the ’80s and the ’90s and beyond in the United States. naked class warfare is losing him independents. Meanwhile, in sleepy PA, another veil is ripped aside:

Have a nice day, Barack. We're on the trail too.

P.S. The "English" embassy? ...crony Camelot. And Jay Cost on O's emperor with no clothes campaign strategy.

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