Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Russia Resets, Reverts

Despite massive fraud, Bad Vlad Putin loses, but he's on the path to take the country back to the USSR, despite major unrest:
There was good reason for such desperate actions, though. For the first time — in the wake of his decision to declare himself president for life, and after being outed as an “enthusiastic womanizer and violent bully who beat his wife” — Vladimir Putin was humiliated by being loudly booed at a heavyweight fight. Later, the losing fighter exposed the horrific conditions of Russia’s healthcare system. United Russia’s support in polls has plummeted. A Twitter account mocking Medvedev has almost as many followers as his does.
Life on the street in Putin’s Russia gets worse by the day, and no amount of regime propaganda can change that reality.
More and more young Russians are declaring their intention to abandon their country, and are doing so.
Putin is one of Barack Obama's favorite dictators, uh world leaders. And remember the cheeseburger summit with Putin's puppet.

So who lost Russia.

P.S. This kind of thing may come in handy.

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