Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Obama's Rump Support

Well, Valerie and Michelle only in part.
Anne Leary

As Barack cowers in the closet: The Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama Presidency…
9 hours ago
You'll have to read the whole thing.

...I couldn't resist. Enjoy your day.

Pear-Ginger Upside-Down Cake

Will Huntsman knock out Romney in NH?

Will Newt finish him off in South Carolina?

Will I be wiping up a few crumbs...


MathMom said...

I finally had time to watch the Saturday night debate. I thought Perry did well, I was surprised by Santorum - dude's talking sense - and I like what Romney had to say. If he'd reliably take it to Obama instead of saying "he's not a socialist - I really think he's doing what he thinks is best for this country (I say bull$#!+)", I could go for him if Perry can't pull his numbers up.

I keep hearing today about Perry and Gingrich going all OWS on Romney, which disappoints me in both of them if it's true. Have not heard the comments. Romney needs to say he created 100,000 jobs (or whatever) and had to lay off 2000 (or whatever), and and if he hadn't tried to save the companies, there would have been 100,000 layoffs - he needs to stuff that class warfare crap right back down Perry and Gingrich's throats.

We need a capitalist as president this time, and from now on.

Anne said...

Well yes but Mitt's a poor messenger for capitalism these days. He's Wall St financial, being softened up as O's successor in crony capitalism. Even the WSJ says his tax reforms are timid in growth, akin to Obama's

I think it's fair to question his private sector record as well as his tax-raising record as governor

MathMom said...

Right on all counts. Mitt's not my man, but he's less frightening than Huntsman (ptui ptui) or Ron Paul (YIKES on foreign policy!) The debates are sharpening up all of these candidates, IMHO, but no matter how much practice I have watching Huntsman, my BS Meter redlines when he speaks.

Wish it was a better field, but we'll make it if we can just give Obama his pink slip and get all his commie czars outta da house!

Anne said...


Got to keep an eye on O the destroyer