Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Romney's no Fat Lady

The race goes on, though I hope now that we're past this open primary in NH Ron Paul slips low, and wish Huntsman and Perry would drop out before South Carolina.

Not gonna happen so I imagine they will siphon off some more votes from Newt, the only serious alternative to Romney, as Brit Hume pointed out last night.

So it may come down to Florida, the Sunshine State, where Gov. Rick Scott is at the helm this time, rather than that moderate Obama-hugger Charlie Crist.

In that we have Mitt Obamneycare, O's crony-capitalist heir apparent.

From Bain to Main - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
"How Many Cheers for Bain?
Ryan Streeter: "Do conservatives really want to defend Mitt Romney’s finance capitalism?"
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And, via Legal Insurrection, with a fine post or two of his own:
Why do you hate capitalism?


MathMom said...

Crikey. Newt is having a rally w/liberal Clyburn? What's that about? Pelosi not available? Does this worry you? I don't know what to make of it just yet.

Anne said...

Something on housing, American Dream I think. Will have to see what he says. So far the WSJ has liked his econ proposals.

He just made a broader theme speech this morning, got to find it.

Anne said...

Well, I am in favor of eliminating the mortgage interest deduction but most Americans probably like it. Will have to see what he says. I know Obama is planning some kind of czarist move on this--maybe Newt is trying to get ahead of that and move the debate our way