Sunday, January 22, 2012

South Carolina Sweet for Newt!

Palmetto State pushback, voting decisively for a better candidate to carry the common sense conservative banner into the fall contest against Barack Obama.

Newt swept the highland and the lowland, rural and exurban alike. He won among women, he won among men, he won independents, and every age group but for youth which went for Ron Paul:)

And it turns out Team Newt had a better ground game than Romney--volunteers coming out of their ears:)

Newt is cerebral and grounded, passionate and blunt, with the perseverance to prevail against the PC media PAC in the tank for Barack Obama and persuade the American people the GOP will get us back on track. And who can forget the biting wit of this ad?:)

Barack Obama's job approval in the dumps.

Now on to the Sunshine State... in the winter of our Dem discontent:) P.S. Tweets of the night:)

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