Monday, January 23, 2012

Sun Times Not Endorsing Any More

Which seems fine to me, voters can make up their own minds, and perhaps they're smarting from their repeated endorsements of the Bizarro Blago and the disaster, even to the insatiable, kleptocratic left, that is Barack Obama. But then they go on to say, as reported by old news station CBS:
Ironically, it was complaints of bias on the part of the Chicago Tribune that in part motivated Marshall Field III to found the Sun-Times in the first place, the editorial said. Field felt it necessary to push for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the entry of the U.S. into World War II, in contrast to Col. Robert McCormick and his isolationist and anti-Roosevelt Tribune, the editorial said.
However, the editorial is quick to point out, that was a bygone era “when many American newspapers were unabashedly partisan, and not necessarily only on the editorial page. Not unlike news shops on cable TV and the Web today, they catered to a core of readers who thought very much like them.”
Today, newspapers’ goal is to appear to the widest readership they can with unbiased news coverage.
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