Wednesday, January 11, 2012

That fool Romney defends auto bailouts

Good Lord. Obama didn't bail them out to save the business, he did it to save porky, unsustainable union pension funds and keep his megabucks donor stream coming at the expense of rank and file union members.

When he did it he stiffed little old ladies, retired teachers, firemen and cops from Indiana who held senior claim through their bonds.

What's more--
Isn't there a difference between being pro-market and pro-business?

Newt makes this point today in South Carolina:   'Crony capitalism ... is not free enterprise'

More. Rush is talking about this now: Mitt's Masquerade

More. Legal Insurrection with the Romney clip--and comments:Starting to count the price of defending Bain

I mean it's not like this is the first time Romney has been criticized in this manner. It was Mike Huckabee who said thatRomney "looked like the guy who laid you off." As I recall this helped Huckabee defeat Romney in Iowa four years ago.
Let me put it another way. If Newt & Perry's criticisms of Romney (and for that matter Huckabee's) are anathema to Reagan conservatism then Romney should have no problem winning South Carolina in ten days time.
But South Carolina's current unemployment rate is 9.9%. Granted the unemployment rate fell by 0.6% in November, the state's largest monthly drop in 35 years. But that's still far higher than Iowa's unemployment rate of 5.7% and New Hampshire's unemployment rate of 5.2%. If Romney can convince South Carolinians he can bring about prosperity then he can win. But Romney won't win if they believe he will bring them pink slips. Romney has his work cut out for him.
We need you as never before, South Carolina
omg Newt, yes!!!!
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