Monday, February 06, 2012

Barack Obama, Ticky Tackie Leftie Chic

Barack in a bubble, same, same, same. Lazy, lazy, lazy. Michael Barone:
Contrarian liberal blogger Mickey Kaus sums it up: "The president's decision-making method -- at least as described in this piece -- seems to consist of mainly checking boxes on memos his aides have written for him."
A $60 billion cut in the stimulus package? "OK." Use the reconciliation process to pass the health care bill? A checkmark in the box labeled "yes."
Include medical malpractice reform in the health care bill? The man who as an Illinois legislator often voted "present" writes, "We should explore it."
According to Lizza, Obama prefers getting information and making decisions by staying up late and reading memos rather than meeting with people -- a temperament that's a liability because face time with the president is one of his major sources of political capital.
Lizza's reporting undercuts the stated thesis of his article: that Obama sought to bring bipartisan governance to Washington, but was foiled by Republicans' partisan intransigence.
Well, yeah. Barone goes on to say Barack's spending too much time with rich liberals, trolling for the big bucks.

And along with his luxe leftist friends he does loooove his creature comforts, as does his blingier half.

But beyond that--he is at core a radical, leftist ideologue. Only his laziness constrains him--and Congress--but he managed to viciously attack Catholics without them.

We only have the House. We need the Senate and the whole shebang.

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