Friday, February 03, 2012

Does Obama want to eat Catholics for breakfast?

Well, that would assume he's a fe-fi-fo-fum kind of guy,  a giant.

Let's topple the Obama beanstalk, folks.

Because whether you're a cafeteria Catholic or a Latin mass lover, or even a formerly snot-nosed product of Catholic schools, this is WAR.

Even that fragile reed Peggy Noonan is on board.
But the big political news of the week isn't Mr. Romney's gaffe, or even his victory in Florida. The big story took place in Washington. That's where a bomb went off that not many in the political class heard, or understood.
But President Obama just may have lost the election.
The president signed off on a Health and Human Services ruling that says under ObamaCare Catholic Institutions—including its charities, hospitals and schools—will be required by law, for the first time ever, to provide and pay for insurance coverage that includes contraceptives, abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization procedures. If they do not, they will face ruinous fines in the millions of dollars. Or they can always go out of business.
In other words, the Catholic Church was told this week that its institutions can't be Catholic anymore.
He may not snooze most of the day, who knows about this multiple choice president, he may claim he falls to his knees in prayer, but our sleeping giant electorate may be roused to action this fall by a few good Jacks...or Jills:)

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pathickey said...

Catholics? . . .too stringy and tough. Barry likes a hearty helping of brie.

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