Thursday, February 23, 2012

So who's in favor of infanticide

Newt Hammers CNN On Birth Control Question: You Never Asked Obama Why He Voted For Infanticide:

Yes, a president to the left of NARAL on the issue, one of the few votes he actually took in Illinois as a state Senator, rather than voting present.

Suffer the little children, accuse others of the sin of pride, oh yes we can protect and defend infanticide. But there's nothing to see here.

Romney, at his most hypocritical, labored hard to present himself as more socially conservative than Santorum, noting that Rick had voted for Planned Parenthood funding. Astonishingly, Santorum missed his chance at a return upper cut. Why didn't he mention that Romney once gave money to Planned Parenthood from his own pocket? Why didn't he mention that Romneycare dollars go to Planned Parenthood?
Romney's sudden social conservatism invites an obvious question: How stupid does he think primary voters are?
A reminder of Santorum's actual fiscally conservative record in the Senate--sorry Mitt, you lose by comparison. And yes, this was a pure delight.

More. So who's in favor of economic fantasy.

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