Monday, June 16, 2008

Suffer the Little Children

What is it with these starry-eyed Obama believers? The Chicago Tribune today has an Op-Ed piece by Douglas Kmiec, a Catholic and former "compassionate" conservative, now an Obama supporter, trying to convince us Barack Obama suffers the little children to come unto him, in an intimate little talk with religious leaders:
The discussion dwelt at some length on abortion. Obama said he earnestly wants to "discourage" the practice—despite the distortions of some who think if they affix the "pro-abortion—won't overturn-Roe-label" to the senator, pro-lifers like myself won't give him the time of day. Sorry, good friends, not this year.

Not to understand that there is more than one rather indirect and elusive judicial way to address an intrinsic evil understates the ingenuity of the devout. Describing the abortion decision as a "difficult, deeply moral one," Obama sees it as one only the woman can make. Unless her choice affirms life that is not my Catholic view, and I told him so. But disagreement or not, it is abundantly clear from our conversation that Obama shares a common aspiration to reduce the incidence of abortion.

How? Obama is committed to encouraging "responsible sexual behavior," discouraging unwanted pregnancies, promoting adoption as a more viable, affordable and appealing option than it presently is, and putting off limits in a manner consistent with the law as the justices see it, late-term abortion.
Oh? But you only need to look at his very ingenious record, you only need to look at one vote to know that Barack Obama is an intellectually-detached monster on this issue. Barack Obama voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act when he was an Illinois legislator. Barack Obama is to the Left of NARAL in his abortion stance.

We're not labeling him, we're looking at him. Now he's channeling Bill Cosby but where's he been for 20 years? His hope is based on hate, and his "earnest" demeanor masks his cynical record and core beliefs.

Suffer the little children.

UPDATE: And why Obama's amoral sophistry on this issue may not matter, unless John McCain stands up for life to rally the base. Also in the general election he had best do more than hope that the economy improves, that a strong health care plan can attract enough disaffected Hillary voters and that independents and Reagan Democrats will value his anti-pork stance and his validated judgment on national security.

UPDATE: My Catholic friend Paul, at Thoughts of a Regular Guy, with more.

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