Thursday, March 29, 2012

Imagine Bobby Rush in a Burka

Carolyn Maloney wore one on the House floor after 9/11, in solidarity with Afghan women--to show her disapproval and rejection of it.

It covers the face, obscures individual identity, enforces group lockstep behavior.

A burka enslaves them.

Not so nice to see you, Bobby Rush. Wearing a hoodie on the House floor, lauding this cowardly garb, while throwing around Bible verses--MLK would be appalled.

Where is the content of character shown by a proud and open face?

Seeing these little kids herded into hoodies breaks my heart--you might as well put a suicide belt on them.

You should be ashamed, Bobby Rush.

From a young Black Panther to an old, hate-mongering, soul-destroying fool.

P.S. JustOneMinute 


suicide by culture

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