Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Obama is not new. He is old, old, old

Capitalists like Steve Jobs are the real revolutionaries. Demagogues hop on the gravy train to squeeze capitalist inventions for their own benefit. Today they will use Google to abolish your privacy and brainwash your children. If Obama gets re-elected, you can kiss web privacy and free speech goodbye. Obama's radical friends in Hyde Park are millionaires.

Michelle Obama's biggest campaign is against poor kids who eat too many McDonald's hamburgers. Think about that. For the first time in history, "the poor" are the people who eat too much. When the Obamas talk about "the poor," the only individuals they can think of are the ones who can't afford arrugula. Damn that capitalism!  [snip]

Yours, Lenin.
...Ah yes, Barack is working hard. Occupy Michelle (she kind of shut up on that Barack will make you work stuff, hmm? Not going over so big with the jobless--while no respite on gas prices, they still go up and up and up)

The latest Obama Alinsky is the war on small business--the job creators.

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