Friday, March 02, 2012

Newt's Political Gold: Obama's Energy Waterloo

In contrast to the timid on reform, opportunistic to a fault, hypocritical Mitt, full of tired old rhetoric, while letting his superpac wallet slash and burn his opponents--

--an always refreshing Newt:) Kim Strassel, WSJ: Gingrich's Energy Charge The candidate has recast an old debate in a way that the GOP can use to great effect against Obama.
In the context of abundance, energy development is political gold for the GOP. As Mr. Gingrich notes: It is a winning economic argument, a shift that could create "more than a million new jobs." It is a winning deficit argument, since royalties and profits become a new cash stream to the government. It is a winning little-guy argument, since the beneficiaries of fracking are "people who own the property," like "farmers." It's a winning heartland argument, since cheap natural gas is the way to "increase our manufacturing base." 
Newt on offense on THE key issue of the day.

Then there's this, the Obama EPA scourge on coal:
If the region starts suffering power shortages this summer, will George Bush be there to take the blame?
Gee, what's going on around Chicago? Besides higher gas prices earlier in the year than ever before, set to peak in the summer in the city: 
Losing power, losing jobs: Chicago's 2 coal-fired plants to shut down sooner than expected

What hath ObamaRahmbo eco-zealots wrought: Midwest Generation might close all its Illinois coal-fired power plants

The makings of an Obama Waterloo.  Our gain: Related posts: Another O fundraiser linked to SolyndraDevastating Solyndra video on DoE mentality

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