Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snake Oil Sebelius

Billsync Bill Schmid
Obamacare administrator doesn't know what is going on. @backyardconserv @keder
Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was clearly flummoxed when questioned by Senator Ron Johnson (R., Wis.). For example, Senator Johnson asked her about the “1,200 to 1,700 waivers” that have been granted to give employers, particularly labor unions, temporary relief from parts of Obamacare. “I’ve no idea what waivers you’re talking about,” Sebelius replied.
Senator Johnson also listed a number of the president’s specific promises about the law, including claims it would reduce the deficit, cut health costs, and allow people to keep their coverage and their doctors. When Sebelius was confronted with the facts, she either said she didn’t have those facts or said the law hadn’t had a chance to work yet.
This clueless woman is making life and death decisions on our health care, while presuming to dictate even what we can believe, as a matter of conscience. She's peddling an elixir, but it's poison. Political poison to boot.

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