Monday, March 05, 2012

I'm with Rush, You Boobs

We've known for a long time feminists pretty much lack a sense of humor. They lack tolerance. They rarely turn the other cheek.

I've listened to El Rushbo for nearly 20 years and I appreciate he likes to tweak feminists, illustrate absurdity with absurdity, and bandy stereotypic humor about cuz it drives them absolutely nuts. (Face it, feminists, Rush is smarter than you are:)

I like to tweak feminists myself:)

I am more cynical these days, though, after the Palin bash-fest. I rarely bother.

Of course, this isn't the first time they've tried to take Rush out.

So in aid of the HHS czarina Kathleen Sebelius dictating to individuals of conscience what they've got to pay for, we get this spoiled brat 30 year old professional leftie gender activist picking a fight with those practically toothless Catholics at Georgetown.

Well, you've reached the end of the road on this one, leftie ladies. Nobody's gonna get away with playing the victim this time, unless it's for real--and that would be the Catholic church and religious liberty.

And I'd add you leftist women are a bunch of boobs--trading your American freedoms for a packet of sterile pills, selling out your individual integrity for a pack of lies.

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