Friday, April 20, 2012

Dick Durbin's Dereliction of Duty. Gen O Debt Bomb

So our President Barack Obama is fond of derisively referring to the Republican House as a bunch of do-nothings, but when his "budget" adding TRILLIONS to TRILLIONS went to Congress it got zero votes. OZERO.

There are some Dems in Congress, yessiree. After voting zero on the President's pathetic budget did they offer a plan of their own? A timid on reform but tax to the max retiring Dem Sen. Kent Conrad the embarrassing North Dakota head of the Budget Committee tried to get a bill through his committee but DEM Sen. Leader Harry Reid and DEM Sen. Dick Durbin (Obama-Bankrupt IL), second in command, put the kibosh on it. But good ole fatboy gov Dick Durbin called it a bipartisan failure:
And yet, the story has mostly been treated in the political press as a failure of bipartisanship. Politico described it all as “a study in gridlock” and “a metaphor” for a “broken and politically polarized Congress.” Describing the pressure Conrad was under, The Hill deadpans that “Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), who consulted with Conrad in recent days, said that he understood Conrad’s attempt to take the temperature of his committee but said the Senate is not ready to come together on a bipartisan plan yet.” One gets the sense that “consulted” has a different meaning in Chicago than in the rest of the English speaking world. 
Well, the Republican House has done their job. They have passed a sound budget that averts this looming debt bomb that's going to hit us all and doom our kids unless we do something GROWN UP AND RESPONSIBLE.

Over in the Senate, where sage elder statesman are supposed to reside, Senate Dems have not passed a budget in OVER A THOUSAND DAYS.

Anne Boleyn comes to mind. What happened to her, hmm Dick?

And while you're at it folks, let's toss Obama's favorite Republican Senator, Indiana's Dick Lugar.

Sen. Jeff Sessions expressed our outrage on the Senate floor:

Wisconsin Republican House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan was on Greta last night. Remember in November.

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