Thursday, April 19, 2012

Liberals Disturb the Peace

At the dawn of the PC era, my boomer cohorts the "peaceniks" turned their attention to getting more attention and pushing more people around.

In the 70's they trotted out their smiley-face logos but always underneath lurked a simmering rage. They accused others of uncivil discord while always escalating their demands, fanning out from your local campus to infest our schools, our courts, our media and that fatboy gov we flee today.

I think C.S. Lewis called this perpetual sense of injury his definition of hell. I had it on my frig for years, next to the photos of freedom-loving Reagan, Thatcher, and Pope John Paul. I thought of it as the definition of political correctness. It gave me some patience with the PTA leftie ladies.

These days we have Michelle O citing bogus science to herd kids and bully parents--as if this is the most important issue facing urban children. Yes, leftists lecture us, waste billions we can't afford in pursuit of their blind faith, while never looking homeward angel. They have an inflated sense of themselves, yet can't see others may do just fine without them. Hey--we other folks like ourselves too, but we love our freedom more.

This is the crux, yes. Bob Tyrrell rebuts a leftist with his silly "science":
Fortunately, last weekend I also read the Wall Street Journal (that is how open “to experience” I am) and came across an interview with the distinguished British political philosopher - and, I might add, American Spectator contributor - Roger Scruton. Mr. Scruton, as luck would have it, had some arresting things to say about the differing mentality of liberals and conservatives - all without having to resort to the partisan findings of lightweights and imposters. He said of liberalism: “My own view is that left-wing positions largely come about from resentment - I agree with Nietzsche about this - a resentment about the surrounding social order. They have privileges; I don’t. Or, I have them, and I can’t live up to them. Things should be organized differently. And there’s always some sense on the left that power is in the wrong hands.”
That comports very well with my long-held thesis that there is only one political value that all liberals through the generations continue to profess. It is not personal liberty. It is not public order. It is disturbing the peace.
Ah well, what can we do with such crude and nasty noise-makers imposing themselves on us in the public square, when we only wanted to enjoy the fountains and the flowers.

We can gently mock them.

I prefer a lighter lavender myself. 
---exhibit, Art Institute of Chicago.

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