Monday, April 09, 2012

The real story on "Barack will make you work" :)

Come on, we know he was/is a lazy, elitist leftist bum. Who couldn't live on $162K, no, no, no: Obama on Why Michelle Was a Working Mom (at $316K Per Year):‘We Didn't Have the Luxuryfor Her Not to Work’

And that's why he can't say damn all about all her swanning around on our dime this time.

The reason she was paid that by U of C was protection money, yeah, she's Jesse Jackson in a skirt.

These people are thugs and whiners. Who want to boss us around. At our expense.


P.S. Oh yeah, and this is how Barack is appealing to women, he of the angry wife, he of the patronizing sexist air, he with the women problem, according to his own disgruntled former sycophants. Well, El Rushbo has the stats. Via the good professor.

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MathMom said...

I finally understand the "Barack will make you work" thing. He will make us work, because he is too lazy.

Leader of the free world, and his schedule normally starts after 10 am. He didn't get around to the President's Daily Briefing until 9:40 am yesterday. Today no public schedule.

Anne said...

Oh, yeah, he's The One