Monday, April 09, 2012

Romney's Secret Weapon...

We've seen the PC media stories about Me-chelle an "enormous asset", Obama's secret weapon. Her face is on the campaign ads that somehow wander on to my site, I suppose in search of that swing woman's vote. But we've already seen the other side of her, haven't we.

Here's Ann Romney:

Gives you that intergenerational flavor, that reason to run, doesn't it.
P.S. And I'd say Romney can compete in the beach stakes. Via Drudge.

P.P.S. Our President, in action: Obama To Women: I Wasn't Going To Come Over Until You All Settled Down Umm, hmm, hmm: ‘The president has a real woman problem’

More. Spin on the O campaign: the entire office was designed to resemble a Silicon Valley start-up.

More like Solyndra.

And wanna bet a few O staffers were next door at Occupy Chicago this weekend:  

123 bleep the BoBo babies RT : NSFW Video: Occupy Chicago chants "F the bourgeoisie"

...Let's amend this to say Romney's secret weapon is Barack Obama. Because Mitt Romney is more presidential than the president we have.


MathMom said...

It looks like you have come to the same decision as me - Mitt's my man. I just wish he hadn't spent so much time distancing himself from the Tea Party movement.

Oh, least I don't have to vote for Ron Paul.

Anne said...

Yeah. What are ya gonna do.

An incumbent's always hard to beat, especially with a willing press. Even in the worst economy in nearly a century. The white knights have pretty much endorsed Romney and are in the veep stakes.

I'm hoping Rubio.

MathMom said...

I'm hoping Allen West!

Rubio's parents were not citizens when he was born in the US, which makes him ineligible. You can bet that the brazen Obama campaign will make an issue of that, just as they tried to get John McCain thrown off the ballot because he was born on a military base in Panama.

Unfortunately, I believe the Constitution must be upheld, and it pains me that he is not eligible as it is currently understood. It is not ok for us to run someone who is not eligible just because they ran and won with a total usurper.

I love Rubio, though.

Anne said...

Hmm, I hadn't heard that. Not sure that interpretation is definitive.

I love Allen West too, though