Thursday, May 03, 2012

After 4 years, The One we've been waiting for?

My Boomer cohort has kids graduating from college this year. One woman I know has one entering the job market with a degree in journalism. Backup advertising. What are the prospects for hire, hmm? I suppose Obama for America. Live at home, work for free maybe. We are The One we've been waiting for after 4 years. Do you youth really want four more?
He then looked at the levels of U.S. social-welfare commitments, including the new Obama health-care entitlement, and ended with a simple observation: "Is it possible that by imitating European policies on labor markets, welfare and taxes, the U.S. has chosen a new, lower GDP trend? If so, it may be that the weak recovery we have had so far is all the recovery we will get."
That stark assertion—this may be all the growth we're going to get—is something the youth vote should think about. And there's a good place to do that: Backpacking through Europe. But this time try to get a look behind the fabulous theme-park fa├žades in Italy, France, Spain, the U.K., Portugal and Greece. In Spain the youth unemployment rate is 50%; in Italy it's 36%.
Obama offers the life of Julia. Really?

This is delusional. Headstart is useless, gov ed loans inflate cost of college, college grad unemployment this yr 50%

Without reform all these programs will go broke fast. Jobless or crushing taxes: The Life of Julia — Barack Obama -

What's the reality: More:

Where's the part where faces the crippling marriage penalty bc of her success. Where's Obama to help on that?

Where does Obama help put her child into the school of her choice? Oh, wait...that's never going to happen.
P.S. On the bright side:
Walking her dog.Bennies from heaven:Mom Stumbles Onto Meteorite Worth About $20,000 « CBS Sacramento via

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