Thursday, May 03, 2012

An Occupy camp is a great incubator for domestic terrorism

Jim Treacher, Daily Caller.

Attention Janet Incompetano, Homeland Security. Oh yeah, it's the Tea Party who are the real terrorists, hmm David Axelrod.

Chicago's efforts were fairly tame but the marchers were full red, though you wouldn't know it from the PC media. I don't imagine old fart but unrepentant terrorists Ayers and Dohrn are making nail bombs for the NATO fest but the lesson is there.

Obama and the Dems encouraged these clueless youngsters, aggrieved misfits with a sense of entitlement, and professional union community organizers to take to the streets. They can't disavow them now.

It's part of their despicable class warfare campaign against the people who make this country work, when it's really the public unions and pols looting the country.

Empowering hate is not the mark of leadership in a democracy, nor will demonizing success get us back on the path to prosperity.

...Last time in 2008 his campaign was hope--based on hate. This time hate is all he has.

It's going to be a long summer 12 Girls Haul Teenagers Off Subway by Hair, Steal Cell Phone...

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