Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GOP women keeping it real. Fischer of Nebraska

If my mom were alive today I'd be having one of those mother-daughter conversations, because she's from Nebraska. She wasn't born in the sandhills, but her mom was, and a schoolteacher at 16. ...Basketball in bloomers for the Ainsworth Angels.

We visited Omaha every summer, there wasn't a handy interstate, so we zigged and zagged on straight roads with right angles from Wisconsin on down. I didn't make it to the sandhills until later, traveling for my first job.

When you grow up in a small town you often don't appreciate it until you go away and come back. Kind of like America.

This morning I watched CNBC, and a crusty old CEO with immigrant parents spoke with tears in his eyes of the virtue and resilience of this country.

Deb Fischer's primary win is especially sweet because it confirms and exemplifies this part of America--the heartland, whether it be in the Midwest or anywhere else. It's not geography, it's core love of country and its freedoms.

We want this for our daughters and our sons--to restore America and protect our children’s future.
More. Further evidence the only poll that counts is on election day. Americans are primed to back real reform:
Fischer’s victory comes just a week after another unlikely insurgent — Indiana state Treasurer Richard Mourdock — ended the 36-year Senate career of Dick Lugar. While her victory can’t be claimed by outside groups, it will stoke further anti-establishment fear among front-runners sitting on seemingly comfortable polling leads.
Indiana, now Nebraska. Even glimmers of hope in Illinois :)
Per NBC Chicago, of all people: Joe Walsh R-IL wins debate. I watched it,tweeted. Video going around. Real reform wins

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