Wednesday, May 09, 2012

"We are made out of stardust", people! :)

A meteorite the size of a minivan hits California but its fragments have come to rest in Chicago's Field Museum, the largest non-governmental collection in the world. It's older than Earth but potent with knowledge:
"Yeah, intersteller stardust dated to the birth of the Big Bang. They are the little white calcium illuminated pieces in the meteorite that you can see with the naked eye," Boudreaux said.
"We are made out of stardust. The carbon in our bodies was once part of red giant stars and it's the same stardust that is still preserved in these old carbonaceous chrondrite meteorites," Dr. Heck said.
And last night, no stellar events from the sky, but on the ground, momentous.

In Wisconsin, in an essentially uncontested Republican primary, reformer Gov. Scott Walker drew more votes than the two major Dem opponents in their primary, combined. According to one commenter, apparently Dems received about 300,000 fewer votes than those who signed the recall petition, setting Walker up for victory on June 5th. Dems are running away from the issue of collective bargaining for public union employees, because Walker's reforms are working--sweetheart healthcare contracts have been dropped as have property taxes.

In Indiana, an old minority mentality pol, the Barackstar's favorite Republican, bit the dust:
Since his election to the Senate in 1976, Lugar had cut a profile as a moderate Republican: He had supported the ethanol mandate, backed the Brady Bill, and opposed the Iraq surge. In previous cycles, Republicans had forgiven Lugar his ideological transgressions, but in recent years, he had become more brazen. Not only did Lugar support the DREAM Act; he cosponsored it. Not only did he vote for New START, he spoke forcefully in its favor. True, Lugar wasn’t Arlen Specter — he opposed the stimulus and Obamacare — but his voting record was moderate enough to make him suspect.
Yes, he had "grown" in office as the left loves to say, but his stature had shrunk in his home state.

In West Virginia's Dem primary, a felon got 40% of Barack Obama's vote.

While in North Carolina's, "no preference" won 200K. Among other things.

What's the import?
Any elected Republican that doesn't pursue a small government agenda once in office risks suffering the same fate as Lugar. Had Lugar hung on, then a lot of people would have dismissed the Tea Party as a passing fad from 2010. But now it's clear that the movement has been underestimated once again. Tea Partiers have a lot more staying power than skeptics expected.
So the movement that was spurred by the reckless spending and bailouts of this president, by his running roughshod over the Constitution, by his demonizing we the people--we are having our say. At the ballot box.

Take a deep breath of thankfulness, look up at the Stars and Stripes. A halting start but lots of heart:)

Reach for freedom in November.  

   --NASA illustration

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