Thursday, May 10, 2012

The president would sometimes wonder aloud, “Whose idea was that?” when he deserved credit.

Dreams from my mommy needs a fix. Seriously, a grown man acting like this?!

Peter Suderman, Reason, The Technocratic Mind:
But Obama was not exactly a man without a team. He was loyal to the cult of policy smarts. He may have even been its high priest. As Scheiber reports, outside analysts reporting to the president were advised to highlight their expert credentials so he would know he wasn’t talking to cranks and dummies. Obama also wanted his inner circle to credit his own abilities: The president, Scheiber writes, “craved intellectual affirmation” and often badgered his lieutenants into acknowledging when his own ideas were perceived to have succeeded. Obama “had a habit of prompting his aides to acknowledge his wisdom and foresight,” Scheiber writes. The president would sometimes wonder aloud, “Whose idea was that?” when he deserved credit.

Obama’s world-historic political ambitions crossbred with his intellectual pretensions, and what emerged was a man who saw himself as a technocratic national savior. He would lose interest in his advisers’ proposals, according to Scheiber, if they did not sound sufficiently visionary. Told early on by a top adviser that his chief accomplishment as president would be preventing another Great Depression, Obama reportedly replied, “That’s not enough for me.”
Yeah, well, how did that work out.

"the big swinging wonks of Washington" revealed by one of their own.

You have to wonder if this is the mindset that produced Joe Biden as Veep, and supposed stimulus czar. Was it his love of trains. I guess he's just a lesser leftie. That explains his serial FAIL.

What's the other guys' excuse.

What's Obama's. Well, we know he comes up with an endless number of them. It's never his dog that ate his homework.

P.S. Obama: Troops 'Fighting on My Behalf'...

  ---thanks for the link, Pundit & Pundette. Clearly a Superman.


LibertyAtStake said...

Maybe now we know why he won't release his transcripts? 2.1 GPA won't fit the manufactured identity.

Anne said...

Yeah. He is SUCH a fraud. And lazy with it.