Thursday, June 28, 2012

Before the Morning in America Glories

Just popping up along the fence line

Before the Liberty bell peppers

Before the Red state tomatoes

Before the Sun will rise again flowers

Come to fruition

And I'll eat my own broccoli, thank you very much

I will raise a glass of Two if by Tea

We will prevail in November, and repeal ObamaCare

From TEA to shining TEA

As sure as Z is for zinnia.


DarcsFalcon said...

Love this. :)

Anne said...

Thank you

I went out and hoed my little garden to work off some steam

Worked off a little more with this

Adrienne said...

I dumped my tomato cages this year in favor of using the Florida weave. Best thing I ever did.

Google "Florida weave tomatoes" in images. Truly ingenious!

I'm getting ready for my second string and I'll post a pic on my blog.

Anne said...

Oh good, thanks!