Thursday, June 28, 2012

The media, the creeps, the crooks and the complicit working with Marilyn Katz

Patrick Hickey on former Weather Underground nail-bomb maker and Chicago's new! new! anti-crime initiative: Marilyn Katz, PR Maven for Chicago's Thug Comfort Zone Says "Violence is Bad"

A few thoughts on the violence killing this city, among other things:

No Boundaries. Cowards & Killings, Chicago 2012 

Gunwalker in the Heartland.

You might wanna ask AG Eric Holder a few questions. And maybe David Axelrod, in addition to Katz. Whose brilliant idea was Fast and Furious.

And why did Brian Terry die.

Fast and Furious, now on the streets of Chicago, where a 7 year old named Heaven died last night.

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